Saturday, 30 January 2010


Are you sick of Paris yet?  If so, don't despair--there aren't many more days left.  If you aren't, don't despair--there are still a couple of days left!

This day, I spent in Montmartre-- partly with Kristianna, and partly on my own.  We went to see Sacre Coeur in person and not just from her window.  It is so gorgeous.  Inside, too, but they don't allow photos inside, as they are not a tourist attraction but a living, breathing, active church.  It was even more beautiful for that very reason, I think.

We got--what else?!--coffee.  And Kristianna got that fabulous scarf!

The artist district.

The view.  Again, with the moon.  Ah, I love the moon.

I also love the light at this time of day.

I was walking home as the sun was setting over the city...

Thank God I was going down and not up....

And I took this photo because, well, Lamarck is dead.  It's the sign for the people to... oh, nevermind.

And now for some slice-of-life real Paris photos.

I said 'real life'!  But wait... this is real life.  Kristianna's real life.  Life is just not fair. ;)

This is my real life--feeling very pitiful because my back was still killing me.  Oh, pity me.  Poor, poor me.

At least I had Kristianna's view to cheer me up.

Hey, Kristianna?  When you move to a bigger flat, will you give me yours?  I don't mind that it's tiny.  Or seven floors up.  Really.

Please?  =D


Barb said...

Beautiful pics! I'm definitely not tired of Paris. And I completely understood why you took the pic of Rue Lamarck.

Amie Vaughan said...

i knew that you and jen would get it, at least. =)

i am so ready to go back, barb... let's get done and go, okay? ;)