Thursday, 28 January 2010

Eight Days a Week: I Luh-uh-uh-uh-uhve You

On this day, I was actually quite miserable.  We slept in late, which was good, but as we were getting ready to go out poddling again, to some fancy spots and do some shopping, my back went out.  In a major bad way.  Suddenly, I could not move.  And it hurt so flippin' bad.  My back goes out from time to time, and it usually lasts a couple of days.  This time, it ended up hanging on more than two weeks, and not even three strong prescription painkillers from my GP made a dent in it.  Oh my life.  It was misery.  But dammit, I was in Paris.  And I was NOT going to sit in the flat and do nothing.  So.  Out I went.  Just really, really slowly.  And while I was moving, it was better.  It was when I stopped that things got sticky.  And starting again?  I don't even want to think about it.  Anyway.

Other than that, this was a lovely day.  Poddling around.   Buying famous French tea and macaroons.  Being served coffee by Sulu.  Just taking in the sun and sights.  Come along, see for yourself...

I love all the stalls along the Seine, selling books and art and souveniers and stuff like that.  One thing I wanted to buy while I were there, if I could find it, was a Babar book.  If you didn't grow up reading about Babar and Celeste and their adventures, you missed out.  I loved those books, and since they are French... well.  I had to have one.  And I found one!  A hardback.  And a good price. I was so happy!  I also bought Paige's Christmas gift at one of these stalls... and some goodies for me, and to give as gifties.  Yay for shopping!

These titles cracked me up, though.  It somehow doesn't have quite the same affect... oh well.

I bought tea here, for myself and as a gift.  I wish I had thought to take a photo inside.  It was tea-heaven!  I could have stayed in there sniffing blends for hours.  If you like tea, go here when you are in Paris.  No questions-- just go.

And if you like nice pastries and goodies, go here for the macaroons-- Laudree.  It is not cheap (yikes!) but they have loads of flavours, and they are the best in Paris.  The line was out the door!  And their packaging is so darn cute !

Decisions, decisions! I got one of eight different flavours, in a lovely wee box.  Worthwhile investment.  I even shared some of them... though I hated to give them up. ;)

I told you the line was long!

I felt very chic with my fancy shopping bags.  So we went for coffee, to be even more Parisianne.  And because my back was killing me.  But mostly because that's what you do in Paris-- drink coffee outside at cafes.

Kristianna and I both were thrilled that Sulu was our waiter.  He was great.  =D

This is me, being all Parisy.  Life is boring, and I'm too chic for it all.  Obviously.

And this is the real me.  ;)

This is the last photo I have from this day, so I think my back must have driven me home.  I remember watching Ratatouille (because it's set in Paris, of course) with Kristianna one night... that might have been this night.  I honestly don't remember... and I don't have my journal from then with me here.  So... I'll just say we went home, and ate and drank and watched films and talked and laughed and slept eventually.  Because that sounds good. 

Ah, Paris... Ain't Got Nothing But Love, Babe... Eight Days a Week


Barb said...

Sorry your back was hurting, but it looks like a great day regardless. Ah, the lovely shops and chic packaging...

Amie Vaughan said...

it was a great day anyway. but dang, i was hurting. i just wasn't about to stop. it didn't stop hurting for more than three weeks, even once the gp gave me three prescription pain killers, and i went to physical therapy. urgh. but paris... it was worth it.