Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Epic Stirling Move

Since I mentioned my friend Paige and her kindly letting me use her flat in Alva, I thought today would be a good time to tell you about how she got here.  And show pictures, because that's much more fun. 

Paige and I went to Asbury at the same time... but we didn't know each other then.  She found me on Facebook because I had gone to ATS and was currently at Aberdeen-- where she was applying.  So we became Facebook friends... and as soon as I arrived back here in November 2008 we became real life friends.  But after a year of Aberdeen, she got a better offer for her PhD from Stirling.  Boo!  I mean, yay! 

There was a lot of moving going on around the end of the summer last year-- Kristianna moving all her stuff to Paris;  Ritabekah moving home in order to get things sorted to move back;  Alisa moving to a new place;  Paige moving to Alisa's for two weeks before moving to Alva.  Busy, busy, busy!  And much of it a little sad, too. 

But!  I got to go with Paige on the Epic Stirling Move.  And let me tell you, it was epic!  (I also got to help her move into Alisa's for that short time, but that's not as exciting.  Just cross-town dashes with full carloads and three strong girls.)

We knew it was going to be a move to remember when we showed up at the Enterprise to get the station wagon she'd reserved, and instead they 'upgraded' us to this baby: 

Oh man.  That was a true moment.  =D  Paige looked at me and said, 'so do you want to drive first?' To which I replied, 'Um, no.  Not really.... But I will if you want me to.' Because I'm a good friend like that.  So I did.  I drove us out of the car park (and didn't hit anything) and through the city (and didn't hit anything) and out on the highway (and didn't hit anything) and into Black Dog (and still didn't hit anything).  Black Dog is just a wide spot in the road, really, but it was a good place to turn around and switch drivers.  More open space to get used to driving the massive crazy-van.  Although it was the Van of the Year:

Which is comforting.  And Paige did great!  Here's proof: 

And no, she didn't hit anything, either. 

So off we went.  To pack up her goodies and say good-bye to Alisa.

Then off we went!  Through Aberdeen... Dundee... Perth... other wee places... til finally getting off the big road for the wee road into Alva.  I don't have a picture of that, but we thought we'd never get there.  We went through about fifty-seven small hamlets and villages.  Or at least it felt that way. 

And then we were at the cozy wee flat!  Paige kept telling us all how small it is, but it's lovely.  I really, really like it.  Didja hear that, Paige?  You have a great wee flat!  And it's bigger than Kristianna's.  ;)  Here are some shots of it:

The coffee pot was the first and most important thing for both of us to unpack.  And the kitchen jungle is thanks to Lo.  =)

The fairy lights were a housewarming gift left by the wee flat's previous occupants. 

The bedroom didn't take long to be all cozy, except for the old-lady curtains, which were soon replaced.  The old-school phone, though, is staying. 

As great as the inside of the flat is, the outside view is even better:

The hillfoots, of course!  That's the library directly out the lounge window.  But if you look out diagonally, you can see the hillfoots.  It was quite shocking to me for a while, to walk outside and have the mountains just. right. there.  Very different from Aberdeen, let me tell ya!

And did I mention her flat is in a converted church?  =D

We explored some castles and round towers and Asda while I was there, but I'll save that for another post. 

Thanks for letting me help you move, Paige!  It was great fun. 


Lysana said...

AHHHHHH! So jealous. Gorgeous place. Sigh.

Hillfoots? Not foothills?

Really amazing.

And glad you didn't hit anything. ;) I'm sure I would have, if I'd been driving something like that over there!

Roy Agee said...

I LOOOOVE these pictures!!