Monday, 25 January 2010

Four Female PhDs Go To Disneyland!

Because, seriously, why wouldn't we?  Liz hadn't been ever to any Disney park anywhere.  I was so excited to get to introduce her.  And Paige and Kristianna and I, well... you can never go too many times to the happiest place on earth, can you?  I didn't think so. 

The second we got on Main Street USA, right inside the gates, we were met by this.  It was almost too much for Liz.  She cried.  But don't tell her I told you. 

Yup, the castle was pink.  I think it was just because of Mickey's Magical Party that was going on, so I'll have to go again under 'normal' circumstances and check it out. 

We too our calling as Space Rangers very seriously.  After we laughed at Buzz Lightyear's French accent.

Still perhaps my favourite ride, on any continent. It is a small world, and I blame this ride for shaping my life.  =D

Kristianna's 'french face', used when speaking in a French accent.  Alexis, the Parisian, does not like it.  ;)

These faces say, this line is too dang long.  This was for Indiana Jones et du Tempil a Peril, or somesuch.

What can I say?  There were boobs everywhere. 

Phantom Manor, the scene of my accident.  Surprisingly, I skidded on some grit and fell up the stairs.  Broke my big toe.  Skinned my hands and knees.  Bashed up my camera (which I was really afraid was done for, but I popped the lens bit back in place, and she's going strong still.  Whew.)  Scared some little kids in line in front of us (they really did look very scared and concerned when I finally got up.  I tried to reassure them and laugh it off.  I don't think it worked.) Gave my friends something else to make fun of me about for the rest of my life.  And after all that, it wasn't even my favourite ride!  It was actually scary!  Which I usually like, but wasn't at all what I like about the Haunted Mansion.  We didn't even get a fun hitchhiking ghost to go home with us-- we got a creepy skeleton hanging on the back of the chair.  Boo.  And yes, I really did break my toe. 

It was nearly October, so they had all kinds of cool fall decorations around.  We each picked a pumpkin to get our photos with.  Liz is a grumpy pumpkin. 

I'm a hard-workin', carefree pumpkin.

Kristianna is a hands-on pumpkin.  Paige is a paintin' pumkin, but her picture is on her computer, and I don't have copies yet.  Hint, hint, Paige!  ;)

Thank goodness we had a fast pass for this hour-long line... because it was a definite disappointment.  Nowhere near the one in Disney World.  Boo.

To ease our Peter Pan unhappiness, we went for the tea-time special.  It came with a travel mug of cappuccino stuff and a Mickey-shaped brioche.  We thought that was good enough, but little did we know...

It was Nutella inside.  Woot.  Bonus. 

The four of us.  Please excuse the huge speakers.  And the huge @$$ on the right.  Sorry. 

I really liked the castle.  It had some great details.  I took way too many photos of it.  You're lucky I'm only putting up a few. 

We were late... they had closed Alice's maze-thingy.  =(

Who is that rebel!  Trespassers Will, that's who. 

We passed this dang pirate ship about 57 times.  At least.  We kept winding up here without quite knowing how.  Somehow, this place isn't laid out quite as conveniently as Disney World. In my humble opinion. 

 The highlight of the day, hands down, was the last ride.  We finally got on Big Thunder Mountain (le yeee haaaw, as they say) and it. was. fantastic!  Liz said, everyone hands up, the whole time!  So guess who didn't have her hands up?  Hmmmmm.  But seriously, folks.  Space Mountain 2 sucked big time.  It banged us around so badly that we all were headachey and hurty for much of the rest of the day.  It went upside down, which should have been awesome... but all I kept thinkin as my head was pounded back and forth between the 'headrest' was, 'I hope this ends soon... please, God, let this end soon...'.  Which is not my usual approach to roller coasters.  The Indiana Jones one was okay, but this one. Wow.  This one blew the others away.  It even blew away the Disney World one.  Make sure, if you do nothing else at Disneyland Paris, that you ride this ride.  Next time, I might only ride this ride.  Over and over and over again.  =D

Ah, the castle.  We were waiting for the nightly fireworks, because Disney always does nightly fireworks.  Ha.  Apparently in Paris, you only get them in the summer and on Christmas Day.  What?!  That's crazy talk.  But it's true.  Kristianna and I got it directly from a couple of cute employees, who were more than willing to talk with us all about for a while.  Tee hee. 

This look says, Amie!  Quit taking stupid photos and let's go!  We're tired!

Okay, okay... just one more...

Looks like 'home'.  And by home, I mean Walt Disney World.  ;)

And then this happened on the train back.  Honestly, I don't know what happened.  But it was dang funny.  And I have a whole serious of photos to document it.  Hilarious.  And this is what happens if you let Kristianna hold the camera:

*sigh*.  Ah, the boob shot.  =D

And finally, one more example of Paris' gorgeous Metro colour schemes: 

Tomorrow, we lose Liz.  =(  But come back anyway to see what happens next. 

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Barb said...

Okay, again - Jealous!!!! Of most everything except the broken toe. And the metro color scheme - I'm adamantly opposed to orange and blue! :) And seriously, fabulous pic of the castle at night!