Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Day Six, in which nothing much happens.

You thought yesterday was boring, didn't ya?  Ha.  On this day, we planned to do several things, and didn't actually do any of them.  And then we happened on something that was unexpected and amazing.  So...

We got all ready, Inca John, too, and headed out on the train to Versailles.  (Ver-sigh, people.  Not Ver-sails.) 

One of the few places Paige hadn't been, so we were all excited. 

But it was closed.  Yes, that's right.  Closed.  The gardens were lovely, and this photo even looks a bit like a painting, which is cool.  But we came all this way and the palace was closed.  It would have been nice if the website, which we had looked at JUST THAT MORNING, had mentioned this fact.  But nooooo.

This pretty much sums up how I felt about the whole thing.  *sigh*

We ended up taking le petit train on a riding tour of the grounds.  We couldn't get into anything we saw, but at least we saw things. 

So, what next?  Good question.

Back on the train to Paris, Rainbow Brite decided to put in an appearance.  Lovely, isn't she?

Kristianna decided to study;  Paige and I decided to go to the Pompidou, Museum of Modern Art.  NOT the Poopee museum, or the horlodge.  We didn't go in the direction.  We're good girls.

We also didn't ride bicycles.  But we could have. 

We didn't even end up going to the museum.  Well, we went to it, but didn't want to pay the price they were asking.  More than any other museum in Paris.  That's crazy!  So we left.  And as we wandered back to our Metro stop, we noticed this:

Ooooh, pretty.  I wonder if we can get inside? 

Yup.  And it was... awesome.  We both spent some time wandering, and just sitting quietly.  It wasn't a touristy spot, and there was a mass going on, so it actually felt very worshipful.  Which we both very much liked.  It fed my soul.  And did I mention it was beautiful?

Once we had worshipped, we finally headed home.  The sun was just beginning to go down when we left St. Eustache (as we later found out was this lovely cathedral's name)...

and by the time we got to the flat, we were greeted with this (another clear bonus of living on the seventh and top floor):

I just liked the different colours of light all over.  It's the street, looking down from the flat. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my last day with Paige.  Tomorrow, she goes home, leaving only me and Kristianna left.  But don't despair... more adventures do come my way!  

All in all, a good day, despite the thwarted plans. 


Barb said...

A shame "Ver-sigh" was closed. We'll have to try and visit on our trip. :) Lovely sunset - great colors! And the cathedral - wow! What a great find!

Amie Vaughan said...

it was a shame. so frustrating! but the cathedral made up for it. and i didn't really care about the pompidou anyway.

right. we're planning our trip already! good to have it mapped out for when we finally end up there. =D