Tuesday, 19 January 2010

News Flash!

Before I dive back into ancient history events (ha ha), I thought you might like to know how my thesis-writing reatreat with my friend Liz went.  Here it is, by the numbers (thanks to Liz's amazing lyrical skillz--sing along, now, to the obvious tune):

On the 12th day in Alva, guess what I did see?
12 flavours of ice cream,
11 kinds of pizza,
10 battered Mars bars,
9 deep-fried mushrooms,
8 pans for scrubbing,
7 birds-a-sitting,
6 dogs-a-walking,
5 deeeaaaaaad cops,
4 hours of sleep,
3 bottles of wine,
2 sore backs
and a portion of fish 'n chips! 

Now for my, much less lyrical, list:

9000:  words written, each.

3:  bottles of wine, between us. 
3:  full days of writing.
1: visit to the milk shak ebar
2: pans of lasagna consumed

1573:  cups of coffee consumed.  probably each.
4:  flavours of ice cream consumed, each.
1 1/2: dvds watched (poor PS I Love You... too scratched.)
2:  bizarre graffit spottings

1:  theological debate finally settled (it was the egg).

2:  awesome songs composed, including the one above.
1:  books read, each (mine--fiction;  liz's-- thesis-related)
4:  workspaces organised and used

and for the unknowns:

unknown:  belly laughs.
unknown:  distance walked the length of Alva.

unknown:  pounds gained from eating fish 'n chips, no-bake cookies, and other goodies
unknown:  birds watching me... (thanks a lot, hitchcock.)

unknown:  dishes washed (because Liz did most of them.  Thanks.)

unknown:  how in the world I would have been as productive AND had as much fun if Liz hadn't come. 


Barb said...

I was QUITE concerned about the 5 dead cops. Thanks for clarifying. :) So glad you were productive in your thesis-writing, and also had some fun. How much longer will you be in Alva?

Lysana said...

LOL! That was great! Sounds like you had a blast AND got a lot done - perfect! :)

jdawg said...

That's awesome Amie. I know you are so proud of yourself and should be. And is that small town in Scotland? Looks so pretty even in January.... This is Jill, inc ase it posts as Jody

Amie Vaughan said...

thanks, y'all. i am proud of myself. and it was fun, too! now i just need to keep it up.

alva is in scotland, in the central belt near stirling. and i'm here for another week or so... i'm not sure yet. it's so nice, i just keep staying. =)