Sunday, 10 January 2010

A Sucker for Giveaways

I know this is random, but it's also true.

I am a sucker for giveaways.  Especially when they are giving away things with something I already like to buy.

Take McDonalds, for instance.  I'm already a sucker for their Monopoly Game, which is pretty much the only time all year I eat there more than once in any six weeks period.  So when they came out with these babies, in six different colours, I was hooked.

Paige was the first to discover them, and introduced Liz and I to them.  So a couple more times, I went to McDs to get some.  Sadly, in the UK, McD's has not yet figured out how to really get people into the store on these promotions.  They only offered them for two weeks.  In the States, it would be one colour only each week for six weeks.  That way people come back.  More often.  Not so here.  Two weeks and they were gone.  And you could get lucky and get different colours in the same week.  Or, if you were Paige, if you asked nicely because you already had that colour.

Oh well.  I got three:  green, purple and brown.  I think they are cool.  But then, I'm a sucker.  =D


Roy Agee said...

hahha I want one

Barb said...

This post was not entirely true. The other time you visit McD's more than once in a 6 week period is when I'm around. :)

Amie Vaughan said...

if i had extras, roy, i'd send ya one.

barb, you're right. even when you aren't 'here' i still go there with you. ;)