Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Paris: Day One

Our first day was mostly just about getting there and settling in.  I got to travel with Liz-- which is one of the few times I've flown somewhere with company.  It sure beats going alone!

 For once, I actually had a smooth experience with CDG airport.  Except for the crowded bus ride from the plane to the terminal, it was easy as pie!  And Kristianna was excited to greet us as we waited for our bags.

Paige was on a flight right behind us, so we had coffee and waited for her to arrive.

For those of you who haven't met him, this is Inca John.  He is my friend Liz's wee friend, and he came to Paris after having traveled with me and Paige to Dublin.  He's a great travel companion.

From the airport, where we all three arrived safely, Kristianna got us on the train back to the city and onto the Metro and finally on to her Paris street.  Oh. My. Life!  I was in Paris!  We savoured the view from her Montmartre flat on the top floor (thank goodness for a lift!), and then headed out for a poddle.  My first views of Paris!  And the first of many baguettes purchased.  Good stuff, indeed!

This honestly is the view from her flat.  I kid you not.  Can you believe it?!

I'm not entirely sure four people are supposed to be able to all go in the lift at once... but we defied conventional wisdom and weight limits.  And lived to tell the tale.  And share the photo.

Kristianna made us a traditional French feast, and we got to meet Alexis, her Parisian beau.  Mostly we just enjoyed all being together.  And the view.  Did I mention it's spectacular? 

A very good start to a very good trip, I must say. 

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Barb said...

I was jealous when you went, and I'm jealous now - of your trip, of getting to see K, and of that view! Dang, K, how did you get so lucky?! :)