Friday, 29 January 2010

Am I Tired of Paris Yet? Nein!

Which means, today is the ninth day... pardon my very bad German pun.  Thank you.

We started out at Starbucks, doing some studying.  Yes, we both actually did school work.  I sat outside to do mine, and was only a little distracted watching all the cute wee ones chasing the bubbles...

I left after a bit, and Kristianna stayed on.  I couldn't sit any longer, and wanted to walk and see and make Paris my own.  So I did.

I took this, cos that's why my sister lives.  And I thought it was funny.

I wound up eating my panini and drinking my Orangina in the Luxembourg Gardens.   After our repast, we enjoyed the gardens themselves, John from his usual vantage point:

I had no idea why the huge disco ball... but it was obviously temporary (or new), and it was fun.

Rawr.  And now I leave the Gardens and am making my very slow poddling way towards Place de la Bastille, because I feel I should see it.  Considering it's one of the few bits of French history I know.  However, most of the places along the way I can't remember what they are called... but I'll take you there, if you want to come back with me.  ;)

It's bad enough he's called 'Wally' in the UK... but here I draw the line. 

I love it!  This is my kind of shopping... a store for each specific kind of thing.  It totally suits my j-ness.

The one thing you can't escape in Paris is the graffitti.  It was literally everywhere.

I finally made it.  This was in a part of the city I hadn't been to yet, and it was quite a long way from my usual stomping grounds.  I was glad I went, though.  While I was poddling this way, Kristianna texted me that she was in St. Michel and a cafe was having two for one happy hour!  So I headed back to meet her.  She saved me a... something.  I can't remember.  But it was yummy. 

But not nearly as yummy as this view.  I mean, seriously.  This isn't for real, right? 

Except that it is for real.  And I took this picture.  I'm quite jealous of past me right now, just looking at this.  Ah, Paris!  Why do you do this to me?!

We also greatly enjoyed this view.

And wouldja look at that moon.  Oh my life.  I can't stand it. 

We wandered in to the cathedral, and they were showing a film about the history of it.  It was awesome... but sadly we only caught the last ten minutes.  I will be sure to find out when it's on next time I'm there, though.  It was both well-made and gorgeous to be seeing it in the dark cathedral. 

But these guys were a little creepy in the shadows.  In a holy way, of course.

I want to move here.  At least for the autumn.  Every year, for the rest of my life. 


Barb said...

Can you guess what I'm gonna say? Probably so, but I'll say it anyway - I'm jealous! That view is fabulous - great pics! Can't wait to see that on my own. Ha! A fun Paris, Les Mis reference that I didn't even plan! :)

Amie Vaughan said...

i did hum that to myself quite a few times when i was, well, on my own. ;)

i can't wait to go back, and to go back together! it'll be great. i love this city. =D

Jennie B said...

Shouldn't that in your title be, "non"

Amie Vaughan said...

non. i like it just like it is. smarty pants. it would be neuf, if i wanted to be french about it. but that doesn't play as well. =P