Monday, 18 January 2010


So I went to Paris the end of September for two weeks.  My friend Kristianna lives there now, and Paige and Liz and I all managed to find the time to go together, for varying amounts of time.  It. Was. Awesome!  I heart Paris.  I can't wait to go back!  Of course, we did tons and tons and tons of stuff, so I'll have to break it down.  Pictures to follow, following this itinerary: 

Wednesday: travels with Liz.  greeting by Kristianna.  first night in Montmartre.  great view, great food, great friends.

Thursday: musee d'orsay.  notre dame.  saint-michel food and gelato.  the seine.  nightly slideshow tradition.

Friday: louvre.  eiffel tower. l'arc de triumph.  champs eylesee. 

Saturday: disneyland!!

Sunday: bye, Liz.  street market.  sacre coeur.  gay purrr-ee. 

Monday: versailles: closed.  pompidou: overpriced.  st. eustache: hidden gem.

Tuesday: bye, Paige.  tea and macaroons and falafel.  poddling

Wednesday:  sleeping in. 

Thursday:  poddling around alone.

Friday: more poddling alone. meeting Kristianna for drinks in St. Michel.  

Saturday: la nuit blanche paris.  poddling alone and not alone.  

Sunday: heading home.  au revoir, paris!

Now if that doesn't whet your appetite to come back for pictures, I don't know what will.  =D

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Barb said...

Looking forward to seeing the pics and hearing the stories. I know I've seen the pics already on facebook, but I want to see them again! :)