Friday, 22 January 2010

The Third Day, or Foreigners On Their Own

We were determined to fit in as much as we could while the four of us were there together... but this day, it was largely just the three of us who had traveled down from Scotland who were out on the town.  Our poor hostess was sick... so we headed out early to find our way to the top of Paris-- the Eiffel Tower.

Neither Kristianna nor Alexis were sure of how to get there (seriously), so we took the Paris Bible, as we called it, and figured it out ourselves.  We are thmart like that.  (Lithping wath altho a running joke in Parith.)

Wait, where am I?  For a minute I thought I was in Jerusalem... weird.

We waited over an hour to get the lift up, and were repeatedly told to 'avancer!', even when there was no room into which to avance.  But finally, we were going up, up, up!

We had gorgeous weather pretty much every day we were there, and that made the breath-taking views from the top even better.

From there, we headed across the river for some more shots of the whole tower, and then walked our way to l'Arc de Triomph.  We saw the memorial on the tunnel where Princess Diana died along the way.

We ate our lunch sitting on a bench, enjoying the view.  Then we headed for some window shopping along the Champs Elysees-- and some coffee at McDonald's.  That we could afford.

Kristianna met us there, and we wandered along the famous boulevard, and then made our way to the Louvre, where we would spend the evening enjoying their reduced price entry.

And then there was inside...

Another running joke was noticing boobs everywhere-- including our own.  Boobs at the Louve was a favourite title, for the lovely rhyming.  And because there were loads of  'em.

I highly recommend going to Paris with a friend who is also an art teacher.  It makes it a much more informed experience.  (Thanks, Paige!)

And then there was the one thing I insisted on seeing, being in interest much more an Old Testament scholar than a practical theologian-- THE Code of Hammurabi.  Seriously.

And, as an added bonus, I saw the Moabite stone-- which I translated in seminary, and wrote a paper on the literary structure of.  Oh yes.  I am that nerd.  Seriously, when I go back to Paris and take my boobs back to the Louvre, I am spending all my time in this section.  This is where my heart is.  The art was amazing, and I'm glad I saw it, especially with someone who could talk about it all knowledgeable.  But this... this is my place.

Anyway.  Then we left.  And went home for our nightly slideshow fest.

Paris is known for fashion, so it was no surprise to me that they had such lovely colour schemes all over... ;)

We ate food and enjoyed our slideshow fest and went to bed... because tomorrow is Liz's last full day... and boy, will it be spent at the happiest place on earth!


Barb said...

The running theme for me through these posts is JEALOUSY! Seriously, I wanna be there! Loved the shot of the shadow of the Eiffel Tower as you went up - very artsy. And when WE go back to Paris, feel free to spend most of your Louvre time in your favorite section, but I have to see the big attractions too (Mona Lisa, etc.).

Amie Vaughan said...

i'm very jealous of myself, looking at these again. i didn't even know that was possible, haha. i can't wait to go back. when should we plan for? i'd say the autumn is a great time, consider the weather and the smaller crowds when i was there... =D

Barb said...

Um, yeah, about that... That requires me finding the $$, getting my passport renewed, and all that. Not to mention, if we did autumn, that would require taking time off of work. Though I'd rather not go in the summer, that would be ideal (or spring break next year). And if this is our "yay we're done" trip, then I'd better get writing!

Amie Vaughan said...

hmmmm. spring break might work. not this year, though... ha! cos there's no way i'd be done by then. well, hopefully i'll be close, but... yeah. i need to get to writing, as well. more writing. less blogging. HA! like that'll happen. ;)

Barb said...

Spring break this year is definitely out, but next year is a possibility. If I could save the $$, that is. But I disagree with the less blogging - you need that break from academics (hence the subtitle on my own blog - "a place to explore my non-academic side").

Barb said...

Hey, can you email me the diagonal pic of the Tower? I am doing a wall of travel pics in my kitchen, and I MUST have one of Paris! I'm converting them all to black and white, and the night one you sent me didn't work. I can't wait to see this project finished! It's gonna be cool! Thanks for sharing your fun pics. :)