Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I've Been Here a Week Already?!

 We saw Paige off to the airport from the big Metro hub, and Kristianna and I poddled on into town to indulge in the best falafel in Paris and then to have a wee bit of a wander.  After a while, she left to go do stuff, because she wasn't on holiday like some people, and so I poddled around on my own a bit . The benefit of staying so long is that by this time, I knew my way around enough that I didn't get lost.  Not once did I get lost.  I'm so cool.  

We had to make a connection at this Metro stop, and the walls were all done in these murals.  They really were impressive.

Next stop:  Palais du Fallafel!

In case you can't tell by my stuffed face, it was seriously yummy.

We saw this Chagall-esque painting in the shop across the way, and took a photo for Paige.

We wandered 'round to the Hotel de Ville and it's surroundings.  I am ashamed to say that I do not remember the names of most of these places that I took photos of... but I could take you to them.  I know how to get there.

This is a monument to this saint (whoever he is):

Another churchly find.  Also lovely. And from here out, I'm on my own. 

Shopping, anyone?

In case you didn't know, Paris has a couple of bridges.  My friend Barb likes bridges.  I was 'playing Barb' of bridges... for Barb.  =D

And for me, too, of course.  I mainly just loved being along the Seine.  It was just about my favourite place... and my other favourite places were generally right by it, too.  Convenient, non?  This above was my view, as John and I sat on the wall and wrote some postcards and read a bit.

Back at the Hotel de Ville.  And by the way, have I mentioned that I could not have possibly dreamed up better weather if I had tried?  The whole time I was there, it was gorgeous.  Usually it was very comfortable--even warm!--and the sun always came out.  God was loving me special this holiday.

If you don't know why I walked an extra block, crossed a busy street, and doubled back a good bit out of my way to take the above photo... well.  You don't know me very well.  And you're an illiterate dork.  =D

It's the Colonel... with his wee beady eyes... and his secret recipe that makes you crave his chicken fortnightly!  He's taking over the world!

 Kristianna and I met back at her flat for dinner, and we were treated to yet another gorgeous sunset.  Makes me sad to only live on the first floor... looking out on a pub...  *sigh*

This is the view out her kitchen window.  I love that these Paris flats totally make the most of light and air.  So many of them have courtyards in places like this--sometimes in the centre of a building--just to let in more natural light. It's fantastic.  And it's great for getting an evening breeze going, too.

The netting, I'm assuming, is to keep birds outta the kitchens.  It's a very good idea.

Kristianna cooked us pasta, and we had a nice tomato salad (they had great tomatoes... better than here) and, of course, wine.  On my way home, I'd stopped at the courner pastry shop and picked up an assortment of goodies for us to share:  two traditional French ones and two Mediterranean-types.  They were all fabulous, and only lasted a day or so.

And that night, the moon!  Wow.  It was such a lovely night. 

Time definitely does fly when you are having fun.  My trip to Paris proves it.


Barb said...

So glad you'll know your way around when we go. That's very convenient. :) And thanks for the bridge pics. I'm (you guessed it!) jealous!

Siân said...

Hi - you have to go to Shakespeare and Co. - really cool old bookstore on the south bank of Seinne.

Amie Vaughan said...

i knew you'd like the bridges, barb. i took those all with you in mind. =)

sian, we did go there, i think on the first day. i could live in that place. it was heaven. =)